Quality Audit

The KHC Quality Audits  are much more informative than the Quick Check due the extended length of stay. Depending on the size of the hotel, the number of outlets and services to be inspected – as well as the individual characteristics of the inspection requirements – a comprehensive catalogue of quality audit criteria is developed together with the client.

The Guest Experience is reported in a meaningful manner and completed by an Executive Summary of the findings. This instrument is extremely well-suited as an introduction to a Quality Management Initiative, i.e. as a situation analysis.

The duration of the examiner’s stay ought to correspond to that of the average length of stay of a “real” guests. In case of any special requirements – for example, in the case of a family hotel or seminar hotel – several persons can be used. In a detailed photo documentation, the Quality Audit records hardware defects as well as cleaning deficits. Short video sequences can also be recorded if required. All digital image material of the Quality Audit is password-protected and available in our online-supported system immediately after check-out.