Quality Manuals

Quality Manuals are the quintessence of all Quality Management Programs. The development and introduction in the workplace is a crucial part of any Quality Management offensive; it is also the most labour intensive and time consuming component. Dependent on the client goals and objectives, or the status of existing quality management systems, it is understood that guidelines, standards and structures already in place will need to be considered and incorporated into the final Quality Management documentation.

The content, structure and organisation of handbooks is closely based on the policy laid-down by the German Institute for Standardisation: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. This ensures that future company development or policy revisions can be incorporated effortlessly into the documents at a later stage.

All components such as; process descriptions, audit checklists, sample forms, seminar documentation, presentation foils, flowcharts etc. are purposely defined and developed step-by-step with the client and the team during workshops held by KHC.

From the very beginning, the extent, structure and pace for the completion of the Quality Manual will be determined by the client personally. Allowing the client to purchase the modules as and when required – a Quality Manual on-demand, so to speak.

Quality Manuals developed by KHC in the past, are self-explanatory works. During the development of a manual, KHC has always emphasised the importance of preparing content that is easy to comprehend. This ensures that even on the first day of the job, a trainee with the most basic knowledge will be able to follow and build upon their understanding of the company standards and procedures. Further study of the documentation permits employees to gain a greater awareness of company policy in order to appreciate the corporate culture fully.

Experience has shown that the period required from the start of a project through to introducing of the Quality Manual is at least six months. The cost for the development and creation of a Quality Manual is determined on a project-to-project basis and is dependent on the scope of services required.