There is a shortage of skilled employees in all departments! The employment of non-industry workers has become imperative, otherwise the hotel without these helpers often could not be maintained.

But how should this workforce be used if they lack basic or even specialized knowledge?
With our developed course program, your unskilled workforce will not become professionals but they will be immediately usable on the floor, in the service, in the kitchen or at the reception for simple work. It is the worthwhile investment!


  • Non-industry employees
  • Career changers
  • An already existing team of employees
1. Individual operating hotel
1.1 Status-Quo-detection

Would you like to know if your housekeeping department works efficiently and is equipped with the necessary equipment?

An actual analysis of the equipment and service quality is professionally created during ongoing operation.

Afterwards a training-on-the-job upon a request follows.

1.2 Training-on-the-Job

Während des laufenden Betriebes kann das gesamte Reinigungspersonal und / oder die Hausdame geschult werden.

During operation, the entire cleaning staff and/or the housekeeper can be trained. The training content and the duration of the training are individually confirmed together with the hotelier.

Here are some examples:

  • Meaningful order of the room cleaning
  • Proper use of detergents and equipment
  • Efficient room control
  • Workforce planning
  • Setting up work plans
  • Definition of standards
  • Communication with other departments
1.3 Extension / Conversion / New construction

Experience has shown that hotel maids are repeatedly confronted with structural inadequacies that unnecessarily complicate working on the floor. This not only affects the employees but also the hardware.

The weak points of plans could be discovered in advance by a glance of an experienced housekeeping professional and after commissioning the problems in the value-preserving care hotel operations would be excluded.

As an investor and/or planner contact us and use our long-term experience!



2. Hotel groups / Hotel cooperations
2.1 Standards in the Housekeeping department 2.2. Helpful documentation in the Housekeeping department 2.3 Regional replacement / temporary teams
In order to ensure that unified standards are launched within a hotel group or that existing standards are taken into consideration, it is possible to train the housekeepers of all hotels together. The training contents are individually coordinated with the client.

Here are some examples:

  • Discussion of existing standards
  • Establishing new standards
  • Mediation of unified working methods
  • Setting up the unified training concept

In consultation with the client, housekeeping guidelines will be prepared for the housekeepers.

Using practical, clearly arranged forms the housekeepers should be able to plan recurring work or special work on the floor in the long term and to document the control checks. The training content will be individually coordinated with the client.

The following documents can be prepared:

  • Pictograms
  • Photo documentation
  • Room checklists
  • Overview plans for interval work
  • Checklists for storage rooms
  • Flowcharts

In consultation with the client, a housekeeping guidelines will be prepared for the housekeepers.

Regional hoteliers cannot adequately cover peak/ sick leave or holiday periods of their permanent housekeeping staff? Team up with colleagues and start a competent replacement team. Promote the qualifications of your temporary workers through joint course funding.

After setting standards/ training goals with the participating hoteliers, the temporary/ replacement workers are trained in such a way that this “temporary help” tribe can work properly and professionally in all the houses!

If you need help in recruiting, we are glad to get involved in project planning at this point.

Training location: A hotel of the group/ cooperation
Target group: Housekeepers and their deputies
Duration: 1-3 days depending on the extent

Training location: A hotel of the group/ cooperation

Target group: less qualified cleaning staff/newcomers and non-industry newcomers

Duration: 1-3 days depending on the extent

Participants: 5-15 people