Quality Support Audit


Whereas the two above-mentioned checks are only carried out as anonymous tests, i.e. without prior notification and subsequent identification of the testers, the quality support audit can be announced or carried out anonymously. In the event of prior notification, the responsible director or owner should ensure that he /she is present on site for the concluding feedback meeting.

Due to the special approach and the longer stay, the quality support audit is K H C’s most informative QM tool. The impressions gained by the test person(s) during the stay can be analysed and reflected upon immediately through the use of our IQS software. In this way, the hotelier is able to discuss the results of the quality audit with the appropriate managers directly after the auditor has departed. In addition, the immediate course of action and measures to be taken can be drawn up on our IQS platform, and other helpful tools such as benchmarking, analysis of strengths/weaknesses, etc. can be made available to the hotelier.
During the final talk with the director/owner and/or responsible managers, an inspection of the entire hotel takes place, which includes all the back-of-the-house and outside areas.

This form of audit lends itself as a variant in cases where there is willingness to accept the test person/consultant as an advisory colleague, and the management team is in agreement with the professional opinion from outside.

In hundreds of such consultations, the K H C team has already demonstrated its professional as well as its interpersonal competence. The experience acquired as a result shows that the quality support audit is preferred as the most efficient audit variant by the majority of hoteliers.

In order to support the hotel team, K H C also offers training measures, coaching and interim management.