Quality Checks & Quality Assurance (Hotel Test, Hotel Check)


Promoting your strengths and potential for improvement is the basis for fulfilment of any Quality Advancement Program, as well as for the reactivation, improvement and/or expansion of an existing Quality Management System.

We attach great importance to the existing standards found within a particular business when drawing up the series of evaluation standards required for this module. During this critical phase, we welcome a proactive approach to ensure the inclusion of object specific goals. Upon request, we can also undertake a benchmarking analysis of your competitors to ensure accurate comparisons, and set a solid foundation for this phase.

During this stage, it is also practical to incorporate the active participation of employees in the form of self-assessment workshops and project groups moderated by ourselves. This approach creates a powerful ‘will to succeed’ by the employees in which work quality, personal development, further specialist training and professionalism is nurtured. In addition, employees learn to understand and work with the findings, utilising them as a dynamic instrument for continual improvement.