Mystery Calls


Within the hotel industry – Mystery Calls used to assess the proficiency of tele-sales and customer-service hotlines – are a highly effective means of evaluating the quality and level of service offered – these also play an essential role in promoting the professionalism of your company to potential guests.
It is an undisputed fact that Mystery Calls that assess services such as; room reservations or conference and banqueting enquires, are an indispensible tool to provide you with a highly reliable source of important data regarding sales aptitude, customer orientation and employee knowledge.



  • No additional telephone charges
  • No basic fees
  • Attractive base price, even for a limited amount of calls
  • Customised evaluation criteria directory
  • Selectable weighting of the evaluation criteria
  • Selectable main focus of call (e.g. sale of categories, wellness consultation, etc.)
  • Selectable role of caller (e.g. difficult guest, less able bodied guest, etc.)
  • Selectable time of call
  • Visible Caller-ID so that hotels can call-back guests
  • Quantifiable evaluation (see attachment)
  • Observance of data protection laws and guidelines
  • Optional monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annual evaluation / call comparisons