Human Resources


Group Training Techniques

In the certified Train the Trainer – Basic Level, participants learn various methods of teaching and the didactics necessary to provide „off-the-job“ Training, Seminars or Workshops.

Topics include:

  • Induction to lecturing and learning
  • Key factors for successful learning and overcoming barriers to learning
  • Research in brain function and learning
  • Learning style analysis (Honey & Mumfort)
  • Creating a positive and motivating learning environment
  • Roles and responsibilities of a trainer
  • Analysing learning and development needs; setting learning objectives
  • Designing and structuring a training session
  • Organising and managing training activities
  • Presentation Skills
  • Use of group exercises, cases studies and real plays
  • Communication skills for trainers


Coaching Skills

The ability to coach and develop others has become a fundamental skill required by all leaders. Companies implement coaching programs to align the company goals with the professional development of its team members.

Topics include:

      • Induction to Coaching principles and styles – Coaching versus Mentoring and Training
      • Roles and responsibilities of a Coach
      • Learning style analysis (Honey & Mumfort)
      • Coaching Skills: Building rapport, active listening, questioning techniques, use of intuition
      • Feedback techniques including the Johari Window
      • Preparing an effective coaching conversation
      • The coaching process (The GROW Model)
      • Coaching technique and tools in practice
      • The coaching relationship
      • How to implement a consistent coaching structure that increases performance


Team Building and Team Motivation

In today’s competitive hospitality industry, you need to rely on a high performing and motivated team in order to achieve results. Participants will understand the value of teamwork and what it takes to build a high performing team.

Topics include:

    • Understanding workplace motivation and its impact on performance
    • Becoming familiar with team motivation strategies
    • Getting to know motivational techniques and how to apply them in the workplace
    • Learn how to create a motivational climate and how to deal with low motivation
    • Developing a personal plan for becoming a motivational Manager / Leader
    • Characteristics and benefits of a great team
    • The need to strive for team effectiveness
    • Stages of team development: How to arrive at peak performance