On the Job Training

Based on a departmental situation analysis, staff would be accompanied in their normal working environment. Knowledge is imparted during this time under the scrutiny of the Coach ensuring immediate knowledge transfer and streamlining of the working practice; of course it is possible to repeat the process until the desired results are achieved. Naturally, this type of operations streamlining can be transferred to other areas.


Menu Planning

With the responsible member of staff – generally the Head Chef – we can work out a more balanced, seasonally optimised menu that takes in to consideration locally sourced produce and reflects regional characteristics without being repetitive. Of course one of the most important factors is to assess and work toward a just-in-time approach towards stock and the reduction of waste through reprocessing product.


Kitchen Planning and Working Practise Analysis

Once the kitchen, its equipment and the methodology in place have been analysed, the streamlining process can begin. Best practise concepts can be established that encompass staffing levels as well as the kitchen hardware and equipment. Naturally, existing contractual obligations will be considered, such as; delivery times, dates and minimum orders.


Development of Staff Handbooks

Finally, we will create and photo document best practise manuals together with the Head Chef that encompass: standard recipes, plating-up techniques, quality guidelines, work safety and client orientation.


Food Concepts – Training & Implementation

Together with the responsible Department Head, our Coach will work out a Food Concept or Concepts to coincide with the target market based on the property model, such as; Spa & Wellness, Sport, Family. These may also be seasonal, daily interchangeable or themed according toward a particular culinary focus.


Kitchen Audits

Prior-to as well as after training, a mini-audit will take place based on current practise. This will provide us with a strengths and weaknesses index and behavioural analysis within the team. Simultaneously we will also be able to ascertain the use and handling of stock and equipment.