Prior to begin of coaching measures

  • Development of a questionnaire for the various departments that must be answered or completed by the hotel prior to training (once per field of training)
  • Analysis of the questionnaire
  • Development of the rough outline for the training guidelines


At Unit

A) Situation analysis at the unit. The concept is to be structured according to the local conditions and feasibility without the participation of the local management.

B) Findings will be presented to the GM/HODs/QM department, that shall address the areas in need of training in the form of photo documentation

C) Representative of the Training Team shall accompany the member of staff (with QM Manager as required) during execution of his/her duties. The representative shall document the services and correlate the findings in a strength & weaknesses profile.

D) Local QM/HODs/QM Department will go through the Training Plan together with the coach to fine-tune and finalise the contents of document.

E) Begin of Training Programme


General Remarks

The duration required for the aforementioned list items are approximations based on our past experience, it is to be noted however, that these may change depending on circumstances such as;

  • Arrival time at destination / hotel
  • Size of hotel (number of rooms, diversity of room types, number of FB outlets etc.)
  • Level of education / vocational education of team members
  • Size of team to be trained

During the training on-site, the coach shall provide a protocol of the days’ training that shall provide the management with an overview of the topics covered. This shall be deemed as the basis for discussion with the GM regarding the training being provided. The protocol shall also encompass decisions made by the GM that are to be covered. If required, statements from personnel discussions can also be addressed.

To A): in order to achieve a concise overall impression of the local conditions, the coach shall initially take a passive role as observer/guest. The staff members and departments shall be informed as to the presence of the trainer at the site. The coach shall require access to vacant rooms, public areas and any other outlets as required in order to attain an overview of the current situation as would also be found by a guest.

To B): During the meeting with the local Management, photo documentation and the findings, shall be deemed as “Initial Findings”. These will provide the trainer with a basis to prepare his/her initial concept which shall address the first stages of the training programme.

To C): The coach shall accompany the staff member during the course of their daily business in order to analyse their methodology and effective working practise. The quality of the results produced during such, as well as the quality/existence of equipment used in order to carry out the duties shall also be evaluated. In conjunction, the Back Of House areas (Cellars, Kitchens, Offices and Stores) will also be appraised. As in A) photo documentation will generally be gathered as a rule too. Furthermore, the defined operations cut-off points, existing documentation and the level of communication will also be gauged.

To D): Once the scope of services outlined in phases A) to C) have been completed, the trainer shall be in a position to provide the local Management with a qualified and quantifiable proposition for the training programme so that he or she can begin with Phase E). A Strengths and Weaknesses profile can now be formulated which will then be utilized for all further items.