Cash Handling Checks


A further module available from KHC is the inspection of cash handling procedures to assess the correct and accurate managing of hard currency taken in bars and restaurants. Integrity Purchasing is a means of assessing the trustworthiness of employees who handle cash and also helps to determine any security issues related to cash handling procedures.

This module is a highly valuable mechanism, in particular when implementing cost-intensive Quality Management procedures. Integrity purchasing results can positively impact investment costs for training purposes, for example omitting the need for further education of corrupt employees.

Within 24 hours of the test, auditors will inform the client of the findings; swift reporting of the results ensures that any discrepancies encountered by an auditor or auditors can be promptly verified against the cash register tracking capabilities.

Experience has shown that it is generally insufficient to carry out such an investigation with only one tester, as the opportunity to deceitfully dupe guests out of the correct change is greater when groups consist of three, four or more persons.

Pursuant to a court order by the German Federal Labour Court on March 13th, 2000, the test purchases in Germany are not subject to the prior agreement of any works council or union.

Due to the diverse types of businesses, target groups and wide-ranging price segments available for testing, the rate for this module equates to approximately EUR 150 per person and check.